The soundness of Michael Gove


Blaney’s Blarny proudly carries an endorsement from nice Michael Gove, the shadow Children’s Minister. In a speech to the Young Britain’s Foundation he declares that

“Whenever my soundness needle quivers, I read Blaney’s Blarney. It puts me firmly back in the blue corner”

I would like to know which bit of Blaney’s blog turn Gove on, so to speak.

Extreme Euroscepticism is nothing new from the Tories. However, whilst I respect the right of anyone to be pro-hanging, casually homophobic, pro-guns, anti-Nelson Mandela, pro-flat-tax and islamophobic I think we should be told if these are views held by someone aspiring to be a Minister of the Crown. Does Gove think that abortion is murder or that Enoch was right?

And what does Dave make of it all?



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