The custard chaos continues


Is it me, or does the whole tone of this article smack just a little of arrant mentalism?


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2 Responses to “The custard chaos continues”

  1. Captain Jako Says:

    “Here was a well-dressed, dare I say attractive, state school, middle class woman confronting the unelected OverLord Mandelson”

    Obviously a bit of an ego on her, but to describe yourself as a ‘state school’ is indeed a bit quirky.

    Even as a good feminist I’m not convinced by her arguments here:

    “It is women who make up the majority of current victims of climate change [link to supporting evidence would be appreciated!]…This is an intensely feminine struggle, against the destruction of our eco-system, a problem created by patriachy.”

    Is this just a misunderstanding caused by the prevalence of references to ‘man-made climate change’ in the media?

  2. Alex Smith Says:

    Arrant / arrogant – it’s all mental.

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