Evviva il Socialismo e la Libertà(s)


Mike Smithson seems to think that Labour will be worried by the entry of a new Euro-sceptic party, Libertas, into the European elections later this year.

Given the electoral system (a non-transferrable vote closed party list system with multiple-member seats covering each UK region, if electoral systems is your thing), surely “the growing fragmentation that another party will create” (in Mike’s words) will aid Labour?

Since each of these parties will have to reach a certain percentage threshold to gain a single MEP in each region, fragmenting that section of the vote which is inclined to vote against the EU between UKIP, Libertas, the Tories and the BNP can only be a good thing for their opponents.

Of course, there’s an argument to say that they will “take some of Labour’s vote” – but by and large, people angry about Lisbon/immigration/them thar forrinurs were going to vote for an anti-EU option anyway. All this is increase the split in their ranks.


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One Response to “Evviva il Socialismo e la Libertà(s)”

  1. alunephraim Says:

    And if more than one or two Labour voters are tempted by Libertas, methinks they’d be the sort that voted for UKIP five years ago.

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