The face of BNP youth


Mike Howson, pictured above, is the National Youth Officer of the British National Party. He is in his 40s, which seems a bit old to be leading the youth vanguard of British nationalism, but maybe he is a lot younger in terms of his mental age.

The previous leader of the Young BNP was Danny Lake. Danny was a student at Bath University and was one of the great white hopes of the far-right until he got himself involved in the  BNP rebellion of 2007/8 (when some elements of the BNP tried to overthrow Nick Griffin from the party leadership).

Danny Lake still considers himself a nationalist (and still runs a blog – I won’t link to it) but is no longer a BNP member. Mike Howson is his replacement.

Searchlight reports that Mike Howson tries to recruit new members to the BNP by hanging around on the social networking site ‘Bebo’ (used mostly by kids in their early teens). He also enjoys uploading videos of his racist glove puppet ‘Billy Brit’ onto YouTube.

Very weird, but that’s the BNP for you.

Captain Jako



5 Responses to “The face of BNP youth”

  1. alunephraim Says:

    There’s something about the phrase “racist glove puppet” that makes me morbidly curious…

  2. Captain Jako Says:

    There are many things the BNP are short of: intelligence, compassion, leading members who do not have criminal records or histories of neo-Nazism, etc. It is perhaps not surprising their PR skills leave much to be desired

  3. Bash da fash Says:

    Mark Collett, star of the Channel 4 documentary ‘Young, Nazi and Proud’, was of course another former YBNP chair.

    Like Mike Howson, Mark Collett also believes that the BNP’s recruitment strategy should be ‘get them while they’re young’. I can only assume that is why he apparently tried to make some 14 year old girls accompany him to his hotel room at the 2006 BNP conference.

  4. Captain Jako Says:

    Ah yes, well done for reminding us about the antics of Mark Collett! An embarassment not only to British nationalism but indeed to the human race

  5. futiledemocracy Says:

    Although he’s a fascist and an idiot, I like his pink hat – and i think that’s all that matters.

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