“We have always got to be vigilant, always got to fight homophobic behaviour”


My name is Gordon Brown and I’m here to recruit you!

It is with great pride that I read that our Prime Minister has strongly condemned California’s controversial Proposition 8 and has reiterated his support for gay rights.

Speaking at a Downing Street reception for the LGBT community Gordon Brown said:

Someone else opposed to Proposition 8

Someone else opposed to Proposition 8

 “What I saw in America tells me what we have got to do. This Proposition 8 in California, this attempt to undo good that has been done, this attempt to create divorces for 18,000 people who were perfectly legally brought together in partnerships.


This is unacceptable and this shows why we have always got to be vigilant, always got to fight homophobic behaviour and any form of discrimination.

I want to say to you all, you have broken new ground, you have shown what can be done, you have shown how you can change opinion in our country, you have shown how the legislative process, by your pressure, can respond.”

This was apparently the first ever official Number 10 reception for LGBTers. I find that surprising and a little bit disappointing – but better late than never!

Further good news on this front: the Christian registrar who thinks gays are sinners has lost her appeal against an employment tribunal’s rejection of her bid for discrimination damages. 

Islington-based bigot Lillian Ladele originally won her discrimination claim in a case which threatened to set all kinds of dangerous precedents. The implication was that councils would have to accommodate the prejudices of their staff – even if that completely undermined the staff member’s ability to carry out their basic duties – all because a prejudice dressed up as religious belief is seemingly more acceptable than run-of-the-mill, common-as-muck hatred.

It is a relief that the legal system has seen sense here. We can all sleep soundly knowing that, in this case at least, the Christian fundamentalists bankrolling Lillian Ladele’s legal efforts have wasted a lot of money.

However, as Gordo says, we have always got to be vigilant!

Captain Jako


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