Donal, you’ve gone too far this time


An over-fed, mental right-wing nut job meeting Carl Rove

I’m not usually interested in getting involved in blog spats with Tory bloggers – that way, surely, lies complete madness – but I think that Donal Blaney has simply gone too far this time.

Blaney doesn’t seem to like Senator Kennedy. Fair enough. He appears not to want him to have knighthood – also an entirely reasonable position. However, there are a number of egregious slurs that he makes:

  • Making out that Ted Kennedy is somehow responsible for terrorist atrocities in Northern Ireland is out of order. It’s telling that Donal doesn’t give a lot of evidence for this, beyond an allusion to NORAID (admittedly, an unsavoury organization) and a lot of ranting about “grotesque insult to the memory of the thousands of innocent people murdered and wounded by Sinn Fein/IRA” with no logical link.
  • His reference to the “British government’s outright capitulation to republican terrorism in 1998” is simply bizzare – is he referring to the Good Friday Agreement? Which was endorsed by 71% of the Northern Ireland population, including a majority of Protestant Unionists, and the Ulster Unionists, Popular Unionists and Ulster Democratic Party?
  • The reference to Lord Mountbatten’s assassination is simply insulting. There’s absolutely no reason to link Senator Kennedy to this act of terrorism unless you’re a hate-filled swivel eyed loon – which, coincidentally, is what Blaney appears to be.

The final (and worst) part of this astonishing tirade is this:

“There is one saving grace in respect of today’s news: Kennedy will soon be dead so he won’t be an honorary knight of the realm for long.”

Breathtaking. The man has a brain tumour, and Donal is actively wishing him dead. I hate to get all Daily Mail on his ass, but you simply couldn’t make it up.

As for the rest of his billious screed – nobody pretends that Teddy Kennedy isn’t a controversial character, with more than one questionable item on his CV. However, over the course of a career in public service lasting 47 years he’s mixed this with astonishing acts of humanitarianism and enlightenment. We are all flawed individuals, none more so than Teddy Kennedy – but when your life is considered in the round, you should be given credit for the good that you do as well as earning opprobrium for the bad. Donal doesn’t seem to grasp this.

A final thought: when they come to write Donal Blaney’s epitath – and I hope that it’s a long way off, after a short, painless and dignified end – I hope he’s remembered at least as much for his hateful blog and his attempts at racist rabble-rousing whilst a councillor as for his acts of goodness and kindness, whatever they might be.


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2 Responses to “Donal, you’ve gone too far this time”

  1. Captain Jako Says:

    “We are all flawed individuals, none more so than Teddy Kennedy”

    Surely that should ready ‘none more so than Donal Blaney’!

  2. Where are my legal papers, Donal Blaney? « A Right Perspective Says:

    […] […]

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