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I will admit that a) I am myself a bit of a politics geek and that b) I am generally in favour of young people getting more involved in politics.

However, I think there is something a little weird about 13-year-old Jonathan Krohn. Here he is addressing the US Conservative Political Action Conference and outlining his views on the principles of conservatism (found via Iain Dale):

Jonathan Krohn has written a book called Define Conservatism which he dedicated to Ronald Reagan and Barry Goldwater (the staunchly right-wing Republican candidate in the 1964 presidential election. One of the Goldwater campaign slogans was “In your heart you know he’s right”, to which the Dems retorted “In your guts you know he’s nuts!”). He has played the cello since the age of four. He is homeschooled. He preaches at his local church.

All sounds a tad strange to me. I’m not one to say that the opinions of young people aren’t worth listening to, but I have to question how seriously we can take Krohn’s thoughts on political philosophy when he has only been on the planet for 13 years.

He admits that his political outlooks haven’t been shaped by life experience (he’s hardly had any!) but instead by his devoted listening to conservative radio stations since the age of eight. Well, that explains a lot.

Since the young right-wing blabbermouth is happy to have people listen to him and his parents are keen to promote their prodigal son I am guessing that he may well join the ranks of Sarah Palin, Bobby Jindal, and Joe the Plumber in becoming yet another prominent Republican oddball.

William Hague, of course, famously gave a speech to Conservative Party conference when he was still a teenager with a Margaret Thatcher poster pinned onto his bedroom wall.

Perhaps Jonathan Krohn will also go on to lead his country’s conservative movement to glorious defeat.

Captain Jako



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