Alan Sugar – Labour Mayor?


There has been a bit of reaction to the news that Labour Party officials have been talking to Alan Sugar about the selection procedure for mayoral candidates.

David Osler is hostile to the idea that Sugar should be the Labour candidate, as is Lord Toby Harris.

The only person so far who has let it be known they want to stand as Labour’s candidate is Ken Livingstone. Personally, I would like a choice of potential Labour candidates to choose from as I’m not convinced Ken should run again.

However, I’m equally unconvinced about Alan Sugar. Ok, so he has given some money to Labour, but is he even a party member? Articles such as this one from the Guardian get me worried:

He switched parties ahead of the 1997 election and is still an ardent admirer of Thatcher. The switch wasn’t difficult. “This isn’t a Labour government,” he says. “They are a Conservative government. The difference is that they’re not run by toffs and people born with silver spoons in their mouths for the elite. The opportunity is open for everybody.”

In addition to this there are also his comments about the undesirability of giving jobs to women incase they get pregnant and his claim that if there was a legal market for mass-produced portable nuclear weapons he would be happy to sell them.


One name I saw mentioned on the blogosphere as someone’s dream celebrity Labour candidate was Stephen Fry. Now there’s a thought! Billy Bragg would have my loyal support if he runs.

Captain Jako


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