Bobby gives the Republican response


For some reason, the Republican Party seems very eager to show off any minorities it has within its ranks at the moment.

Bobby Jindal, the Indian-American governor of Louisiana and a potential GOP candidate for the presidency in 2012, gave the Republican response to Obama’s State of the Union address.

People did not necessarily expect him to be in the same league of oratory skill as Barack Obama, but his performance has still been criticised from many quarters – on the right as well as the left. He simply sounds like such a geek. And on top of that his attacks on volcano defence spending are barmy. Has he never seen Dante’s Peak and that other film about a volcano-induced disaster….what’s it called….oh yes; Volcano.

Bobby Jindal is a staunch right-winger. Not only does he hate government spending (especially on silly ol’volcano monitoring!), he’s also opposed to abortion rights, gay marriage. What is he in favour of? Tax cuts, the Patriot Act, and “””intelligent design””” being taught in schools.

Also: he does a bit of exorcism in his spare time. Nut. Are Bobby Jindal and Sarah Palin really the bright hopes of the Republican party? Excellent!

Captain Jako



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