Unlimited Chavez?


Talk of the benefits of term limits on politicians reminded me that Hugo Chavez was recently successful in changing the Venezuelan constitution so that he can remain in power indefinitely.

Of course, hopefully he will try to stay in office through democratic means.

Hugo and Bobby M

Hugo and Bobby M

Hugo, however, has not always seen elections as the best path to power. He himself tried to lead a military coup in 1992 (albeit against a nasty regime). On top of this, he looks upon Fidel Castro as an inspirational figure, has praised Robert Mugabe as a “true freedom fighter”, and has tried to cosy up to the government in Iran.

Chavez chat of remaining in the presidency until at least 2030 is bonkers. I really don’t understand why so many on the far-left get turned on by him. Yes, he has used Venezuela’s oil wealth to fund welfare programmes and to bring about some redistribution of wealth, but there is something very cult of the personality-ish about the ‘Chavistas’ and his apparent conviction that Venezuela’s socialist revolution can only survive whilst he remains president (how convenient!).

I’m confident I speak for all the Paintbrush Collective when I say that Hugo Chavez does not get two thumbs up from us.

Captain Jako


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5 Responses to “Unlimited Chavez?”

  1. electionsproduceerections Says:

    I quite like him

  2. Captain Jako Says:

    You’ve certainly changed your tune.

    I wish you’d change your name!

  3. electionsproduceerections Says:

    I was referring to Mugabe

  4. electionsproduceerections Says:

    P.S. that was a joke

  5. Captain Jako Says:

    I think the image demonstrates a fascinating clash of cultures. Despite the smiles, I don’t think Cde.Robert Mugabe looks comfortable in that photo. Notice how he’s holding Hugo’s arm as if to control his wandering hands, plus whilst Chavez is trying to stare seductively into his eyes Bob has closed his and is turning away. Mugabe has a habit of launching tirades against homosexuality, but they’re a bit more relaxed about that sort of thing in South America. Not that Hugo is that way inclined, as far as I know, but I detect an awkwardness in Mugabe’s reaction to all that Chavez bodycontact.

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