Pick’n’mix no.2


Some lefties get nostalgic for the days when it was cool for young radicals to go abroad to fight against oppression and perhaps even to sacrifice their lives for a cause they believed in.

Here’s a report that suggests some are trying to follow in the foot steps of those heroic International Brigade volunteers…

…except instead of defending a democratic regime these young Brits want to see religious fundamentalism imposed upon a country. Instead of being inspired by principles of equality and common humanity these fellow citizens of ours are angry about Afghan girls being given the right to go to school.  

David T of Harry’s Place has posted on this here.

Trevor Phillips of the Equalities and Human Rights Commission recently proposed that MPs should be limited to serving a maximum of four terms. Phillips hopes that by increasing turnover of MPs we would see more minorities getting elected to Parliament.

It’s a worthy aim, but comrade bloggers such as Tom Harris MP, Sunder Katwala, and Luke Akehurst are sceptical.

In our political system where the executive is drawn mostly from the House of Commons, it doesn’t seem very sensible to me to place a strict limit on the amount of parliamentary experience that MPs can accumulate. Maybe if we the people are one day allowed to elect our representatives in the House of Lords we could place term limits on them.

And via Newer Labour, here’s a link to an article at Conservative Home! Now there’s something that doesn’t happen very often. Good on Tory Councillor Daniel Moylan for speaking some sense about the so-called Tax Payers’ Alliance and its fanatical hatred of public spending.

In Tavistock Square this afternoon I was confronted with a few hundred noisy students demanding the abolition of tuition fees, a free lunch, and an end to bad things happening in the world.

Free university education being enjoyed by a majority of young people is something we as a society should strive for. But in a recession I think there are more important things for the state to spending our taxes on – especially when universities are dominated by the middle-class.

The National Union of Students actually opposed this demo. No doubt the Trots who literally live for maching up and down blowing their whistles and waving their SWP flags have denounced NUS President Wes Streeting as a sell-out careerist. Well, here are some commies denouncing him.

Captain Jako


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4 Responses to “Pick’n’mix no.2”

  1. alunephraim Says:

    I don’t think there’s much of a case for abolishing tution fees full stop (because that would be, in practice, redistributing money from the working class to the bourgeois enemy), but a case for making the system less crude is there. There should be a direct link between the economic status of the family the student is from and the amount of money said student has to pay, coupled with increases in grants and stuff for that minority of students that come from the great proletariat.

    Or something like that.

    Interestingly, if you look quickly at the list of stuff you’ve tagged over on the left side of the page, you see the phrase “Campaigning Credit Crunch Democracy”. Which seems like an interesting idea.

  2. Captain Jako Says:

    Your comment is an excellent one and therefore I propose some mutual linkage between our blogs.

    I actually think that, given the current economic climate, holding a march in favour of the abolition of all tuition fees was counter-productive (not that many people noticed this demo was happening!)

    The emphasis of the campaign should be on greater help for working class students. It would also be nice to see some acknowledgement that the government’s target of increasing access to university is a good one. Such a strategy would be more pragmatic and indeed as you say more socially just.

  3. captainjako Says:

    Actually there is a fault with your comment: our tag collection reads ‘Campaigning Credit Crunch Crime Democracy’, which doesn’t sound so much fun.

  4. alunephraim Says:

    “I propose some mutual linkage between our blogs”


    And, yeah, the timing of this is a little strange, but then such people often have a fairly loose relationship with the whole “reality” thing so it’s not all that strange.

    “Actually there is a fault with your comment: our tag collection reads ‘Campaigning Credit Crunch Crime Democracy’, which doesn’t sound so much fun.”

    Ah. Good point. But that’s only clear when you look at it closely!

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