“Who would fight in a win between a baboon and a badger?”


David Cameron is due to visit Brighton today and local rag The Argus proposed to its readers that they submit questions for the Tory leader.

Predictably enough some excellent suggestions came flooding in. Here are some of my faves:

“Can I ask him what year Titian died?”

“Ask him why he doesn’t need to shave – is it electrolysis?”

“Is it possible for him to not look so bloody smug all the time and if yes, when does he think he may implement that? I’d suggest he does it as soon as possible as, until that happens, he has a rat in hells chance of getting to me even listen to him, let alone vote for him!”

“does he think there’ll ever be a boy born that can swim as fast as a shark”

“Could he deck a horse with one punch?”

“Does he watch Eggheads”

“What does Swan taste like?”

“Where are my pants?”

“Does he find it perturbing that there’s no finite decimal expression for the fraction one-third? I find it deeply irritating and there should be a law made about it.”

And the frankly intriguing:

“Who would fight in a win between a baboon and a badger?”

Big hat-tip to the ever-brilliant Popbitch.

Captain Jako



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