Trot ponce laments state bullying of weirdie beardie


Victoria Brittain, former associate foreign editor of the Guardian and one of the movers and shakers in what was the Respect Unity Coalition [sic], is angry about ongoing attempts to deport Abu Qatada.

She reckons that the government is motivated by “casual racism”. In her article there is strangely no mention of Abu Qatada’s well documented promotion of terrorism and association with Al Qaeda. For some reason, his views on the righteousness of killing Jews do not get a look in.

I appreciate that the UK immigration system can often be unjust and inhumane. I’ve written numerous emails to MPs and government ministers calling for reviews into rejected asylum cases. Only the other day at a campaigning skills event at university I heard about a fellow student who is due to be chucked out of the country before he’s even been allowed to complete his studies.

Looking at Victoria Brittain’s contributions to Comment is Free, however, the only asylum seekers I can see her defending are those who – like Abu Qataba – have got themselves involved in extreme Islamist politics. It would appear that no other cases are deserving of her attention and assistence.

The infatuation of supposed left-wingers with Islamo-fash goons is truly one of the most perplexing political phenomena of our age.

Captain Jako


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