Gordon Broon


Jings! Crivvens! Help ma boab! The opinion polls are no’ lookin’ awfy happy for him ye ken, but at least Gordon Broon is still assured of decent press coverage somewhere.

Gordon Broon 1

I ate a delicious vegetarian haggis last night which reminded me that my agents north of the border recently sent down these cuttings from The Sunday Post and that I intended to share them far and wide.

Even with the economic crisis, the war in Afghanistan, and a resurgent Conservative Party, our Prime Minister still found time in his busy schedule to feature in the Broons’ Burns Night special.

I find it incredible that the mad genius who is responsible for writing the Broons’ storylines has taken so long to include Gordo as a character. But it is hard to keep up with Broons and Oor Wullie happenings when these comic strips are inexplicably unpopular down south, so maybe it has happened before and escaped my attention?

Those cowards at The Sunday Post obviously did not want to be seen as overly partisan (oh for the good ol’days when Labour could at least always reply upon having the majority support of Scottish voters) and so they’ve included Alex Salmond in the strip.


Apologies for fuzzy image. And for those not in the know, 10 Gleebe Street is where the Broons live.

Apologies for fuzzy image. And for those not in the know, 10 Gleebe Street is where the Broons live.

I feel that the plot’s plausibility has been sacrificed in exchange for political prudence. The theme of this Broons strip is a family gettogether to mark Burn’s Night – hence why nephew Gordo has been invited. So what is that Salmond eejit doing there?

Ach, michty me! It’s makin’ a nonsense of the whole thing!

Captain Jako


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    […] (Gordon Brown and his wife enjoying Burns Night with The Broons; art by Peter Davidson (thanks to Jeremy Briggs for that info) – copyright DC Thomson, image borrowed from Frank Owens’ blog) […]

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