A-canvassing we go…


Shiny happy Labour people

One of my favourite things to do in politics is to go to my regular Sunday morning canvass session, and compare what people on the doorstep say to what the pundits have been saying all week.

I’m just about to head out of the door to London’s wild west and round up a posse of activists, but I’ll make a list of predictions (based on wide experience) before I go:

Least likely topics to come up: the age of Titian at his death; Guido v Derek; any kind of expenses row

Most likely topics to come up: bin collections; noisy neighbours; local park

Uses of the term “ZanuLieBore”: 0

Ratio of normal people to those emigrating because Brown’s sending us to hell in a handcart: surprisingly, far more normal people and very few of the latter sort

Racists: 1.3

Dog bites: 0.2

I don’t know where all of the commenters on Guido, ToryHome and Iain Dale live, but I’ve never canvassed one of them – whilst people have problems, and aren’t necessarily happy with everything that Labour has done in 12 years, the vast bulk of people we speak to are constructive and open-minded about the fate of the country at the next election. If canvass returns are anything to go by, a large number of people are genuinely undecided about their vote next time. Blustering blog commenters have got another thing coming if they think they’ve got the next election in the bag.


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9 Responses to “A-canvassing we go…”

  1. Captain Jako Says:

    I was walking around my hood yesterday banging on doors and trying to get people to sign a petition supporting free school meals when one very unfriendly gentlemen (in one of those swanky modern blocks of flats with a doorman guarding the entrance) demanded ID and then refused to shake the hand of the leader of the Labour councillors. For shame. He had Rugby on the TV in the background – I think this is not a coincidence. Also I like how no members of the Paintbrush collective are in that photo you’ve pasted up there (if I’m not mistaken)

  2. leongreen Says:

    Hey Jako, did you used to play nationstates?

  3. Vote Red Go Green Says:

    On the rugby point – depends whether it was League or Union.
    League = horny handed son of toil from our Northern heartlands.
    Union = tosser who wears his collar up.

  4. Dave Semple Says:

    LOL @ Rugby Union.

    Hi mum!

  5. Captain Jako Says:

    Confession time: Yes I used to play nationstates.

  6. Paul Says:

    I used to play a lot of rugby league and it always used to hurt like fuck for about four days afterwards, and about two weeks by the time I stopped playing (suddenly, Felixstowe vs Cambridge in the southern divsision, 88th league), me carried off after banging my head on the post).

    I now reflect and know the whole union-league split thing was a clever tactic of capitalism to get the working classes to batter each other so much on the day of rest accorded to us that we wouldn’t have the physical strength left to have a go back at them.

    And now they’ve invented women’s rugby in direct response to the rise of feminist socialism. Clever, viscious bastards. Violence inherent in the system or what?

  7. Leon Says:

    Captain Jako,

    Haha excellent, thought it was you. You might remember me as (the trouble making) nation of Anarchotopia. 😀


  8. captainjako Says:

    Ah yes, I do remember. The times spent on nationstates were good times indeed. What was the name of my region? Were you in the same region as me? Is nationstates still going?

  9. Leon Says:

    Yeah was quite a fun distraction, was in the Urbanites then joined you guys in The Proletariat Coalition. No idea about the game, haven’t checked it properly in years…

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