Things we may have missed


Enthralling though the life of Titian is (although I’m more of a Reubens man myself), I couldn’t believe that I missed this story yesterday – Morgan Tsvangirai was sworn in as Prime Minister of Zimbabwe.

Interesting times indeed. Since the end of the elections travesty was played out last year, I’d taken my eye off the ball with Zimbabwe a little: I was dimly aware of ongoing talks between ZanuPF and the MDC about power-sharing, but last time I checked they were going nowhere.

In any case, the Paintbrush Collective wholeheartedly approves of this development – although, ultimately, the only sustainable settlement for Zimbabwe is one without Robert Mugabe, participating in the government and attempting to deal with the chronic poverty, disease and economic meltdown facing Zimbabwe is Tsvangirai having the first opportunity in his life of putting his political ideals into action. Good show, we say. And we also hope that this show of faith on the part of Tsvangirai and the MDC will encourage leaders of other countries in the region to ride to their aid a little more in the future.


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