IP Addresses & CCHQ’s worldview


This story about a Tory staffer editing Wikipedia to reflect Cameron’s claims about Titian’s lifespan seems to have received a muted response on the blogosphere (right and left) and I’m not sure why. I think it shows unusual idiocy from various angles – and also gives us an insight into how CCHQ really wants us to view the world.

David Cameron is stupid to make an issue out of Titian’s age when it’s a subject for debate – just see the Wiki talk page for Titian after today’s events.

The Tory party staffer who edited the article is foolish to do so when they were traceable – see the edit here and you can resolve the IP address resolve to ‘host97.conservative-party.org.uk’ here. But they were even more stupid not to do the maths on Titian’s birthdate.

Before any of all this started, the page showed Titian living c. 91 years (OK for Gordie who mentioned Titian at 90). Then someone from the UK edited the page today at 12.29 (i.e. just as PMQs was ending) to give Titian a lifespan of c. 86 years (better vote Cameron, no decent policy on the credit crunch but he sure knows his dates).

It was only then that the staffer waded in and shorted poor Titian’s life by another 4 years to c82, and it’s only this edit that is from an IP address traceable to the Tories. So the incriminating act was unnecessary in the first place since someone else (whose interests include Titian and Harriet Harman – see the edit list) had already done the necessary dirty work.

Then the staffer (or someone else at Tory HQ) phoned the BBC to alert them to Wikipedia – creating the ‘Tory lies’ story out of nothing (view the video clip on the original article for this).

But the question this whole affair really raises is why on earth big, PR-sensitive organisations like political parties and big companies insist on having their internet access run through servers that have their names plastered all over them. It’s completely unnecessary and only leads to embarrassment. What advantage could they possibly get from people knowing what their staff have been looking at on the internet?

Now here’s what CCHQ really want us to think:



3 Responses to “IP Addresses & CCHQ’s worldview”

  1. Captain Jako Says:

    I’m not entirely sure I agree with that final point

  2. Harvey Says:

    But think of the logistical difficulties – did he have a portable DVD player in the womb?

  3. captainjako Says:

    I’ve heard that all future Etonians are provided with portable DVD players in the womb.

    It’s called the ‘Womb with a View’ policy.

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