Boris in trouble


Our esteemed mayor and blond bombshell seems to be getting into a bit of trouble over his handling of the Damian Green affair – most recently, after a foul-mouthed conversation with Keith Vaz, the Chair of the Commons Home Affairs Select Committee.

Much of the right-wing blogosphere appear to be concentrating on this aspect, partly to focus attention on Keith Vaz (who is no stranger to controversy himself, admittedly), or to generally characterize the affair as a mild storm in a frothy political teacup.

I think there’s more at stake here. Mayor Johnson is Chair of the Metropolitan Police Authority – a post which his predecessor wisely delegated to another member of the GLA.

When Boris took up this post there was a concern that it would result in unduly politicized decisions being taken on London’s policing. The Tories are out for revenge after perceiving Sir Ian Blair to have been “too close” to the government.

There is little real evidence that there was an improper relationship between the government and the Met during Sir Ian’s time – however, Boris seems to have been caught red handed in a brazen act of political manipulation.

So far, Boris has apparently given four accounts of his conversation with Damian Green. That there are so many conflicting accounts makes a bad situation worse – the Chair of the MPC shouldn’t be speaking to a suspect in an ongoing case.

No matter how “righteous” Boris and the rest of the Tories think they are on the Damian Green case, they need to watch themselves. They are not above the law, and should not be “taking revenge” on Labour for perceived slights. Such hubris could, at some point in the future, become their undoing.


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3 Responses to “Boris in trouble”

  1. Is it safe to wash out a paintbrush in a kitchen sink? Says:

    […] Boris in trouble « Frank Owen’s Paintbrush […]

  2. Sid Vole Says:

    By the picture you use, ” the yawn” or ” Boris the Bored” surely the honeymoon must be over.
    I recently came across this, “Boris ;The Scream” and wonder how long before this is more appropriate.

  3. Captain Jako Says:

    Hello Sid. I have received the picture of Boris you kindly emailed me and next time he is to feature in a blogpost we will make sure we use it

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