Integration not segregation is the way forward


Apologies for yet another post mixing religion and politics, but I am very disturbed to hear of a head teacher’s unsuccessful attempt to end her school’s separate assemblies for Muslim pupils.

Accommodating every religious preference can be problematic in a multicultural society. It is made more complicated by the anachronism that is England’s established church and by education being historically the domain of the church.  The requirement for many schools to hold an act of daily worship of a “wholly or mainly of a broadly Christian character” is a hangover from all this.

One answer is of course to split children into separate groups to attend religious assembles as according to the preferences of their parents. Or even to have them in separate schools altogether, with the state funding religious schools for a variety of faiths. Unsurprisingly, that is what professional religious types such as the Muslim Council of Britain want.

I wish the BBC would stop taking the MCB’s claim to represent the views of a fictitious unified British Muslim community seriously. It is lazy journalism; it is patronising to British Muslims; and it gives too much power to these unrepresentative and quite extreme religionists. Don’t forget that the MCB has a habit of boycotting Holocaust Memorial Day.

Infact it is reactionaries such as the MCB and the BNP who are scared of integration between young Britons of various cultural backgrounds. Rather than giving succor to their segregationist opinions, surely it is more sensible to take enforced religious services out of schools completely. This ensures fairness – no religion is getting prioritised over any other – whilst also avoiding the multicultural calamity that is the division of children according to religious affiliation.

Forward to secularism!

Captain Jako

p.s Just to remind readers that these views are my own and not necessarily representative of the entire Paintbrush collective.


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