1.5 hours versus 2.5 hours


Joe Goldberg – the recently victorious Labour Councillor from Haringey – seems to be suggesting here that part of the campaign’s success was down to “keeping the commitment of activists small” – i.e. with 90 minute canvassing sessions.

Comrade Luke Akehurst, however, describes himself as “a proponent of 2.5 hours as the optimal canvass session length at weekends – short enough not to reduce life expectancy of canvassers, long enough to have a meaningful impact on contact rate”.

The lazier part of me sympathises with the 1.5 hour position, but my head says that once you’ve gone to the trouble of organising a canvassing team to meet in the appropriate place with all the necessary sheets, clipboards, etc you may as well keep going for 2.5 hours of canvassing fun and win all those extra votes for Labour.

Captain Jako


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