Too broad a Church?


It is all very well proclaiming your solidarity with Jews and visiting concentration camps but if you are simultaneously letting Holocaust-deniers back into your church methinks you are undermining your credibility somewhat.

The murder of 6 million Jews by the Nazis is not the only historical event that Richard Williamson holds controversial views on. He is a ‘9/11 troofer’ who thinks the U.S government organised those attacks. Oh yes, he also thinks women should not be allowed to wear trousers.

The bloke is one wafer short of a communion if you ask me. Is the Catholic Church so short-staffed that they really need to let nutters like this back in?

Captain Jako


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3 Responses to “Too broad a Church?”

  1. vera Says:

    Don’t you think it’s just the top guy who is out of touch and if you polled people as they came out of church about this bishop they’d all be against him being allowed back into the flock?

  2. Captain Jako Says:

    You would hope so.

    Angela Merkel has condemned the decision. The Vatican is apparently claiming it was unaware of Richard Williamson’s views.

  3. frankowenspaintbrush Says:

    As a (semi) practising Catholic myself, I must admit I’m sharing the horror of heathen-comrade Captain Jako over this decision. The fact that the Vatican apparently “didn’t know” that he was a Holocaust Denier and general swivel-eyed loon demonstrates that they don’t really take these issues seriously – and, more generally, that they’re not exercising enough oversight over the statements and activities of their key people.


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