Being an administrator on an anti-BNP facebook group (as I am) means that you have to expect to receive wacky messages from BNP supporters now and again.

I don’t really know what they hope to achieve by getting in contact with me. These BNP supporters always tend to confirm my impression of the essential characteristics of the BNP supporter breed: they are stupid’n’angry. Their professed love of their country clearly does not translate into an earnest desire to respect the English language. Plus all the writing in capital letters gives the impression that they are – how to put it – slightly DERANGED.

Here is a fine example that popped into Captain Jako’s inbox earlier this evening:

Hi Jacko was it you who invited me to join your group? YOU need to wake up my friend, Labour have RUINED our country and thank GOD most of the meda and BRITISH people have seen these MARXISTS for who thay realy are…POSH MARXISTS! Liberal political correct NITS ! The BNP Fear what most fear, the TAKE over of OUR country by the Muslim and its on its way THAY ARE FIGHTING THERE WAY FROM THE INSIDE OF BRITAIN And thay have to be STOPPED for our childrens sake ! ! ! And its the Blind Liberal nits like YOU who are throwing OUR once GREAT COUNTRY AWAY to ISLAMIC NUTS ! Immigrants flooding into the UK from 1997 onwards Labor have opened our Doors to Murdering thilth from Albanian, Turks in MY town eyeing up 13 year old girls ! Pakistanis buying into all of Britian ie..Subway Bit by bit our country is turning Islamic ! WAKE UP JACK ! And that is way i will ALWAYS VOTE BNP, AND NO i am NOT a RACIST, That is the most over used word ever invented ! Take Care !

Charming! Not sure if I will bother responding, though it is sometimes fun to engage these loons in lighthearted banter. And as someone with a touchingly cute faith in humanity, as well as in the awesome power of my own intellect, I like to think that reasonable argument can dissuade this person from supporting the gang of Hitler-fancying, criminality-prone, melanin-obsessed freaks, geeks, and ne’erdowells which is the British National Party. But I don’t have the energy just now. If anyone has ideas on how I can possibly answer back to this fella please let me know.

Captain Jako


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One Response to ““i will ALWAYS VOTE BNP, AND NO i am NOT A RACIST””

  1. RP Says:

    i love how ABSURD the MESSAGE sounds if you read it ALOUD EMPHASISING THOSE words which ARE capitalised. true MENTALism.

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