Compass’s credibility eroding, one resolution at a time


Luke Akehurst has been taking a look at the latest offering from Compass, Labour’s latter day Miserable Tendency. As part of “How to live in the 21st Century”, their latest effort to make thousands of voters desert Labour to the Conservatives, they’ve been asking members to suggest policy proposals to assuage their self-lothing trendy leftie consciences deliver real positive change for Britain’s working class.

We at the Paintbrush won’t delve too deeply into them – Luke has seen to that – but we will draw attention to one gem:


“Voluntary extra taxation to be spent on the causes the taxpayer wants”

Fantastic – because cute animals are, you know, really struggling in the credit crunch.

Ludicrous though this is, it illustrates an important point – that the Government is there, in part, to ensure that those causes that fail to attract popular attention are taken into account.

Voluntary action by individuals – either via the market, or in charitable donations (or even top-up taxation) – would probably not provide much by way of special needs education, or training for prisoners, childcare facilities for poorer families, or long-term care for the less trendy chronic diseases (to name but a few things).

The Tories are savvy to a lot of this – in Hammersmith and Fulham, for example, their administration has been very canny in the cuts that it has made to fund its £12.74 annual Council Tax cuts: increasing charges for home care and meals on wheels and cutting back on council grants to charities and voluntary groups that they didn’t like, or that didn’t like them.

Since all of the poor, old and sick people in the borough were voting Labour anyway, and the grannies of the swing young commuter voters (by and large) didn’t live locally, they got away with it – exchanging vital, though obscure, services for votes.

Compass should be careful what they wish for – pushing at the door of increasing popular participation and/or volunteerism in tax collection and revenue allocation could be a very mixed blessing for the left.



One Response to “Compass’s credibility eroding, one resolution at a time”

  1. Captain Jako Says:

    I’m not a member of Compass, though I went to a conference of their’s once, but I’ve somehow got myself on a list which seems to result in me being asked for money EVERY WEEK! It is very irritating.

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